Working from home………Still?

Feb 26, 2021 | Latest News

Back pain

The tips below might help you:

With a lot of us continuing to work from home, the importance of looking after ourselves has never been more important. Many of us have suddenly had to set up makeshift offices in the comfort of our own homes. This has also meant here at the clinic we have seen a rise in neck pain, shoulder and back pain related to poor posture and desk setups when working from home.

So what are some things to consider when setting up your work station at home? If in a seated position sourcing a supportive, high backed, adjustable chair where possible is preferable so that a neutral position is able to be maintained through the lower back and neck. The feet should be able to be resting flat on the floor. If this is not able to happen then using a footrest for support will help.

If working from a laptop sourcing an external keyboard and mouse means that the monitor is able to be lifted to eye level to reduce strain on the neck and upper limbs. The monitor should roughly be at arm’s length however this is dependent on eyewear and size of the screen. If standing the same applies for monitor level and use of the mouse and keyboard to avoid the neck being flexed. The working height of the desk should be just below the elbow level so that the upper limbs and shoulders can be relaxed.

Scheduling regular breaks also decrease the risk of sustained postures contributing to pain. Setting an alarm or time on your phone or computer can be a good reminder to ensure you have regular breaks. This has also been shown to increase productivity.

If you are experiencing pain or symptoms that may be related to your posture and work set up at home or in the office, an appointment with one of our physiotherapists may help.  An assessment of your posture, discussion about your work set-up and treatment such as massage, mobilisation, dry needling and cupping, could help ease your symptoms and reduce your pain significantly.

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