Our pool renovation is complete! (and it looks fabulous)

Feb 22, 2017 | Latest News

Hydrotherapy in full swing

It took 4 weeks to complete, a week longer than anticipated, but it has been worth the wait. It is now tiled in a deep blue, and the pool room painted a light cream, so the whole environment is light, bright and enjoyable. There were days during the renovations when there were more tradies present than you see at a tradies’ Christmas a Party!

So our hydrotherapy sessions are back in full swing.

Our pool is unique in Bendigo for a number of reasons.

  • It was designed specifically for hydrotherapy by Adrian Schoo.
  • It is the only hydrotherapy pool with a dedicated deep section for full relaxation in a vertical position – great for relieving back pain, and also great for non-weight bearing fitness/cardio work.
  • It has levels varying from quite shallow to deep, and has excellent railing around and across the pool for support.
  • It has excellent shallow step access with handrails on both sides, so is easy and safe to get into.
    We have easy parking just outside the Physio Centre.
  • And we have an excellent range of hydrotherapy services available, with physios who have hydrotherapy expertise

Just to remind you – we have small group hydrotherapy sessions available with a Physio. These are limited to just a few attendees so you are guaranteed of individual attention.

If you are confident of your program you can access the pool for independent sessions – and there is a wide choice of times available.

We run lovely Ai Chi sessions. These are the ultimate wellbeing sessions, combining movement, with slow breathing and relaxation. Ai Chi is great for stress reduction and for gentle core strengthening. It is an excellent post shoulder surgery exercise modality.

Rosalind Deacon, who has expertise in management of lymphedema, and post breast cancer management, runs a special Gentle Exercise Class suitable for post breast cancer clients and also for osteoarthritis. So if you want to exercise gently, together with a friendly supportive group, her session is just right! The gentle exercise class is also suitable for antenatal exercise, particularly those women who have pelvic pain as part of their pregnancy.

We would like to thank the tradies who have transformed our pool. They have done a fabulous job.

  • Rob Hommelhoff and his team from Bendigo Bathrooms ( bendigobathrooms.com.au ) repaired and retiled the pool
  • John Nalder and Sons, Painters & Decorators, transformed the room with a great paint job, and
  • Andrew McNicoll of Bendigo Gas Parts & Service have installed an upgraded heating system for improved comfort in the pool.
Pool renovation

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