Neck Pain Bendigo

If you’re one of the numerous Australians who are suffering with neck pain or neck stiffness, physiotherapy may provide the solution for you. Neck pain is often associated with:

If you experience neck pain or any of the issues above our physiotherapists may be able to help.

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Causes of Neck Pain

A number of reasons can cause neck pain, however it is commonly related to poor posture and positioning of our body, head, neck and shoulders. Lifestyle choices and activities, such as long periods of using phones, tablets, computers and also reading, driving and watching TV will contribute to exacerbation of rounded shoulders and forward head postures. This can place increased pressure on spinal structures and muscles, leading to dysfunction and pain.

Other common reasons for neck pain may be from a whiplash injury, stress, arthritis, sporting injuries.

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Treatment for Neck Pain In Bendigo

Every day our physiotherapists see and help patients with acute and chronic neck pain. Following a comprehensive assessment, including collecting details of your neck pain history and a physical examination, your physiotherapist will suggest the most suitable treatment plan. This plan will most likely include a number of the following:

  • Treatment modalities such as:
    • Soft/deep tissues massage
    • Dry needling
    • Cupping
    • Joint mobilisation
    • Taping
  • Home exercises for stretching and strengthening
  • Posture education, including exercises and ergonomics advice
  • Education regarding the implications of activities and lifestyle choices
  • Sleeping position education

Treatments may include physiotherapy, sports physiotherapy, clinical pilates or hydrotherapy.


neck pain Bendigo